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Hey there, I’m Cynthia

If you’re interested in joining an intentional community or just want to learn about what that entails, then you’ve come to the right place.

After my journey to 150+ communities around the world, I built my home and am living my dream at an ecovillage in Vermont in the US.

It’s totally possible for you to find your community too… without having to do all that globe trotting!

It can be overwhelming to do the search on your own. That’s why I created CommunityFinders as the place for community-hungry folks to gather, learn, and ultimately find their home in community… or their next great adventure.

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Community Founders Circle

For aspiring founders ready to turn their vision into a thriving intentional community.  Connect with other founders, leading consultants, and much more. 


Community Finders Circle

For those on the search for an intentional community to join. Join a network of support and get step-by-step guidance on the path towards finding your people. 

The Blog

The CommunityFinders Blog is designed to help you gain confidence in the search and join the community that’s a fit for you.


6 Steps to Find Your Home in an Intentional Community

Your guide to contacting, visiting, evaluating and deciding on an intentional community to call home.



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Explore thriving intentional communities and ecovillages around the world on a small group tour.


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Joia Holman

With expertise, humanity, and intuition, Cynthia asked targeted and guided questions that helped lead me to define and refine what I am seeking in a community. She is personable, easy to relate to and steadfast in her knowledge of intentional communities.

I wholeheartedly recommend her to help guide you in your search for a well matched community!

Alan Stillman

Cynthia was masterful. She helped me clarify the intentional communities that fit me, better get to know them, and finally choose one that I’m now a member of. She also raised my cultural understanding of community living to help me launch a new chapter of my life. I have no doubt anyone in a community journey will find great value in her guidance. She is also a deeply warm thoughtful soul to work with.

Adam Morrision

Cynthia proved to be an excellent ally in assisting me in my search for ecovillages and communities. She was super-knowledgeable, thorough, kind, thoughtful, and an excellent listener. She recommended several sites that I had not heard of, many of the which she had visited personally. I felt very inspired and hopeful after our session — her enthusiasm for the regenerative movement is very infectious and genuine, which combined with her experience and commitment made her a great helper for finding the best next steps forward for myself. Five stars!

Antonia Von Hassell

My session with Cynthia was wonderful. She arrived already very well prepared when we started. Due to her extensive community experience, she could offer many insights, provide useful tips and present selected communities to me that she had visited herself. The dialogue also helped me to reflect about what I am looking for in a community… I experienced a safe space where I could express my fears, hopes and expectations regarding life in community and received valuable feedback from on these. Cynthia as very passionate and committed to the topic, very attentive and tuned in to my perspective.

Tommy Teeple

Had an awesome session with Cynthia. The number one community she recommended looks like a perfect match. I could not believe I never heard of it, along with some of the others recommended. Out of potentially thousands of communities, Cynthia matched me with very similar values revealed on their websites. I am in the process of applying to visit the number one recommendation. I’m excited for that & thankful for Cynthia ‘s skills. Beyond well worth.

Gregory Temmer

The session went really well! I could tell that Cynthia spent some time reviewing my intake form to consider which communities would be best for me. She listened attentively as I described what I was looking for in a community. After she listened, she gave me a concise list of communities that she thought would fit my needs and explained why those communities would work for my needs. Thank you again for this reasonably priced and high quality service. Her recommendations should speed the process of me finding a wonderful Intentional Community to call home.

Intentional Community
in·ten·tion·al com·mu·ni·ty | noun

people choosing to live near each other and share resources on the basis of explicit common values