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Ultimate List of Vegan Intentional Communities

Published August 9, 2023
Written by Cynthia Tina

Are you considering moving to an intentional community that aligns with your values? If you’re passionate about embracing a compassionate, plant-based lifestyle, and seeking to live among like-minded individuals, we have an exciting article for you! At CommunityFinders, we’ve curated a list of 24 international vegan intentional communities that are currently open to welcoming new members.

Intentional communities around the world have a range of dietary practices. Vegan communities are one subset of the broader intentional communities movement.

Each vegan community carries a shared commitment to living in harmony with nature and all living beings. At the heart lies a vegan-only kitchen, where meals are prepared without any animal-derived ingredients. Not only do they foster a cruelty-free environment by refraining from causing harm to animals on-site, but they may even grow their food in a veganic manner, embracing ethical and sustainable practices.

Taking the Leap Towards Vegan Intentional Communities

If you’re ready to embark on an enriching journey of conscious living, explore the list below to discover a wide range of international vegan communities. Whether you’re drawn to the serene Alaskan wilderness, the vibrant landscapes of Ecuador, the cultural diversity of Europe, the spiritual sanctuaries in India, or the tranquility of Micronesia, these communities are eager to welcome individuals who share their passion for a compassionate, plant-based lifestyle.

Take a leap toward a more fulfilling life by immersing yourself in one of these vegan communities. Let’s dive into the world of intentional vegan living, where sustainability, community, and compassion come together to create a more harmonious future.

Vegan Intentional Communities with Openings by Region:

Vegan Intentional Communities in North America

vegan intentional community Alaska, United States

1. Ionia – Alaska, United States

Immerse yourself in the serene Alaskan wilderness at Ionia. This vegan intentional community is dedicated to sustainable living, organic gardening, and fostering a deep connection with nature.

Visit their website:

vegan intentional communities alaska

2. Wilberforce Village – Arkansas, United States

Nestled in the scenic Ozarks, Wilberforce Village (previously Fruitful Vegan Village) is an intentional community focused on holistic health and compassionate living. 

Their website:

3. Asante Gardens – Hawaii, United States

Located in the tropical paradise of Hawaii, Asante Gardens practices permaculture and veganism, working harmoniously with nature to create a sustainable lifestyle. 

Find out more:

4. Kamani Grove – Hawaii, United States

Kamani Grove is a plant-based community and eats only from the land, there are wilderness and community immersions, and visitors are welcome for retreats.

Find out more:

vegan intentional community michigan united states

5. Hygieia Homestead – Michigan, United States

At Hygieia Homestead, members share a commitment to eco-consciousness, herbalism, and self-sufficiency. 

Visit them on Facebook:

vegan intentional community alaska united states

6. Finney Farm – Washington, United States

Finney Farm has a primarily vegan kitchen (with seasonal farm eggs) and produce typically includes only what they have grown or preserved themselves.

Explore their initiatives:

Vegan Intentional Communities in Central America and South America

vegan intentional communities ecuador

7. Las Aguas Risas, Laughing Waters Vegan Community – Ecuador

This community in Ecuador celebrates veganism, creativity, and conscious living. 

Learn more:

vegan intentional community ecuador

8. Peaceful Village Raw Vegan Healing Community – Ecuador

Embracing a raw vegan lifestyle, Peaceful Village focuses on healing and well-being. 

Find out more:

vegan intentional community ecuador

9. Fruit Haven Ecovillage – Ecuador

This ecovillage in Ecuador emphasizes a fruit based, whole-foods vegan diet, permaculture, and regenerative living. 

Discover more:

vegan intentional community ecuador

10. Terra Frutis – Ecuador

Terra Frutis is a sustainable community that practices veganism and permaculture while creating a positive impact on the environment. 

For additional details, visit:

vegan intentional community belize

11. Serenity Retreat Belize – Belize

This retreat in Belize welcomes vegans seeking a peaceful and harmonious sanctuary. 

Experience tranquility at:

vegan intentional community costa rica

12. La Joya del Sol – Costa Rica

Jewel of the Sun promotes self-sufficiency, sustainability, and a raw vegan lifestyle. 

Learn more at:

13. Purafruta – Costa Rica

Purafruta is a vegan community in Costa Rica that emphasizes fruitarianism, mindfulness, and sustainable living. 

Explore more at:

Vegan Intentional Communities in Europe

vegan intentional communities france

14. Eotopia – France

Eotopia is a vegan ecovillage dedicated to creating a regenerative and environmentally conscious lifestyle. 

Learn more at:

vegan intentional communities france

15. Douceur et Harmonie: Domain Maman Terre – France

Douceur et Harmonie: Domain Maman Terre is a vegan, intentional, and eco-community keen on the ethical and loving treatment of animals. 

Discover more at:

vegan intentional community sweden

16. Suderbyn Ecovillage – Sweden

Suderbyn Ecovillage focuses on sustainable development, transition initiatives, and permaculture practices, embracing voluntary simplicity, veganism, communal sharing, and cultural diversity.

Explore more at:

vegan intentional communities sweden

17. Ängsbacka – Sweden

Ängsbacka is a course and festival center for personal and spiritual growth with a vegetarian kitchen offering vegan options.

Find out more at:

vegan intentional communities portugal

18. Tamera – Portugal

Tamera is a peace research village with the goal of creating healing biotopes and modeling a new planetary culture, with strong ethical communitarian foundations.

Learn more at:

vegan intentional communities portugal

19. Vegan Hills – Portugal

Vegan Hills is a sustainable vegan permaculture sanctuary where the values of veganism, self-sustainability, and freedom are combined with ambitious entrepreneurship and creativity.

Check out more at:

vegan intentional communities italy

20. Gaia Terra – Italy

Gaia Terra is a low-impact intentional community and experiential education center that practices and promotes sustainable lifestyles.

For additional details, visit:

Vegan Intentional Communities in Asia

vegan intentional community india

21. Sadhana Forest – India

Sadhana Forest is an ecological project in India that promotes veganism, reforestation, and sustainable living. 

Find out more at:

22. AhimsaGram – India

AhimsaGram focuses on non-violence, veganism, and holistic living. 

Explore their initiatives:,

Vegan Intentional Communities in Oceania

vegan intentional community austrailia

23. Vegan Ecovillage Nillumbik – Australia

This ecovillage in Australia emphasizes veganism, community, and sustainable agriculture. 

Discover more at:

24. Temple of the Eden Junglists – Kiribati

Experience the Eden Junglists, a vegan community in Kiribati dedicated to sustainability, permaculture, and spiritual growth. 

Visit their website:

Diversity in Vegan Intentional Communities

Intentional communities come in diverse forms, with many different diets and philosophies. Each offers a unique perspective on sustainable living and shared values. Among these, vegan intentional communities stand as examples of compassion, ethics, and environmentally conscious practices.

If you’re passionate about embracing a plant-based lifestyle and wish to join like-minded individuals who share your values, the list provided above presents an array of international vegan communities that are currently accepting new members. Embark on a journey of personal growth, sustainable living, and profound connections with both nature and others by becoming part of these vegan communities.

Ready to find your vegan intentional community? Join the Community Finders Circle—a membership program designed for those actively seeking a community. Get support, resources, and mentorship for your journey. Let’s begin your transformative adventure together!

Know of More Vegan Intentional Communities?

Share in the comments below about communities you have heard of or have visited and we will add them to the list above. Thank you for your help in expanding this list.


  1. Carol

    Are there any in Mexico? My daughter and I have lived here eight years and have not heard of any.

    • Cynthia Tina

      I’ll keep an ear out Carol! None come to mind right now.

  2. Carolyn Dehn

    45 mins outside of Minneapolis MN in the sleepy Bradford township lies a 6 bedroom home which is being renovated into coliving space for vegans. A Rainbow Around, served as a non profit shelter and vocational rehab center in Isanti County for 20 years. Our revised mission statement reflects a deeper commitment to strengthening the vegan community worldwide by proving short term supportive coliving experiences. Hoping to expand this new mission to our properties in other Minnesota counties as well as 2 counties in Arizona. Contact Carolyn 6124618524

  3. Albert Foster

    Thank you for creating this list. My wife and I have become more and more plant based diet and I notice I don’t have hardly any like minded friends. So I used your list to reach out to Finney Farm which is near me in Washington.

    • Lauren

      That’s wonderful Albert!

  4. Elías

    Another one in Spain is Savia Ecoaldea Vegana, it will be open next summer.
    But you can check their web.

  5. Stephanie Rose

    Vegans possess the most beautiful, evolved human hearts of the world

  6. Arthur J. Brown

    I can’t recall the name but I recently heard of one in Portugal

    • Cynthia

      Let us know when you think of it, Arthur. Many thanks!

    • Elías

      I think it is Ecoaldea Espiral

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